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Jigger Dyeing Machine >> NSWR Small scale  standard dyeing jigger

Small scale  standard dyeing jigger  

1. AC frequency conversion drive is adopted, and single frequency conversion or double frequency conversion drive can be adopted according to users requirements.

2. Use the touch screen or text display to operate according to the user's requirements.

3. The machine has the functions of automatic temperature control, automatic lane counting, automatic turning, automatic parking and manipulation.

4. The dyeing process can be set according to the user's requirements, and multiple jigging machines can be controlled centrally at the same time.
5. The machine door is opened or closed by pneumatic control, and a sealing strip is installed on the door.

6. According to the user's requirements, other auxiliary configurations such as cloth discharging device and circulation device can be added.

Constant tension 

The tension of the fabric can be adjusted at will and maintained uniformly and constantly in the whole process. Dyeing the tension sensitive fabric under almost no tension has outstanding effect. 

Constant cloth speed 

Working under the constant speed program, it can especially minimize the color difference of dyed fabrics and achieve better dyeing effect. 

Main technical parameters

Max.diameter of cloth roll  300-1400mm

Max. working fabric width      1200-3600mm

Diameter of main roller          220-350mm

Adjustable fabric rate            10-150m/min

Tension of fabrics                   3-60kg

Installed capacity                    3-15kw

Weight                                  2-5t


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