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Jigger Dyeing Machine >> SWR1000-1500 series normal temperature-pressure large package automatic dye

The equipment serves the automatic functions of travel count, count, direction change, reverse, stop, etc. For the high automation the products can operate more stably, erliably and accurately.It is really an ideal jigdyeing machineleading presently in our country.

The series products are designed with further improved mechanial,and electrical control on the basis of digesing and absorbing advanced foreign technique of jigger and according to clientsi demand accumulated many years. By using up-to-date technology, the produts are elaborately fabrcated and strictly tested. The complete equipment can be operated reliably, economiaclly and practically. As a result, the produts obtain a high reputation among clients.

SWR1000 is suitable for various open width silk, cotton,nylon,artificial and synthetic fabrics in the processes of dyeing with distributed, sulfur, vat, direct, and reactive dyes, scouring, bleaching and cleansing at a constant rate and under a constant tension.

Diameter of main roller        245~400mm
Max.diameter of cloth roll  1000-1500mm
Max.wording fabric width    1600-3400mm
Adjustable fabric rate          20-100m/min
Tension of fabrics                3-60kg
Overall dimensions              1800-351519002267mm
Weight                                About 4 ton


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