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Jigger Dyeing Machine >> NSWR680-1000 double frequency conversion giant dyejigger

1. It adopts imported Yaskawa frequency converter and customized PLC program controller, which can add all required functions according to user's setting.

2. The touch screen and button are used to control the acceleration, parking and automatic of the machine, which can be controlled freely at a glance.

3. The machine PLC accurately controls the pneumatic valve to ensure that the temperature accuracy is within 1 .

4. The machine has the functions of automatic temperature control, automatic track counting, automatic turning, automatic parking and manipulation.

5. The machine adopts pneumatic control to open and close the door, and a sealing strip is installed beside the door.

6. The dyeing process can be set according to the user's requirements, and can be centrally controlled by multiple jigging machines at the same time to ensure the dyeing quality.

7. Users can add automatic feeding system, cloth discharging device, etc. according to requirements.

8. According to the user's requirements, we can build machines with all stainless steel housings such as frames to increase the service life of the machine

Main technical parameter

Max.diameter of cloth roll  680-1000mm

Max. working fabric width      1600-3600mm

Diameter of main roller         220-400mm

Adjustable fabric rate            10-150m/min

Tension of fabrics                   3-60kg

Installed capacity                   3-18kw

Weight                                  2-5t


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