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Jigger Dyeing Machine >> NGR series high temperature and high pressure push-type dyejigger

It is mainly used for dyeing cotton, acrylic fiber, polyester / cotton, polyester, silk, spandex and other fabrics. It can prevent fiber stain to the greatest extent, without heat loss, with energy-saving. It is especially suitable for large and wide fabrics. The machine is made of domestic high-quality low-alloy steel plate, high-quality stainless steel plate and high-quality electrical components. It has reasonable structure, good performance, safe and reliable operation.

▲ Constant tension 

The tension of the fabric can be adjusted at will and maintained uniformly and constantly in the whole process. Dyeing the tension sensitive fabric under almost no tension has outstanding effect. 

▲ Constant cloth speed 

Working under the constant speed program, it can especially minimize the color difference of dyed fabrics and achieve better dyeing effect. 

▲ Automation

The whole process of automatic dyeing adopts standard automatic system, which reduces the labor cost. 

▲ Simple structure

Simple mechanical structure and easy repair, which can be operated by ordinary workers.


Maximum working diameter of fabric (mm) Maximum working width of fabric (mm) Main drum diameter (mm)   Ratio Fabric running speed (m/min) Motor power (kg/m) maximum power (kw)   Maximum working pressure (Pa)
800-1200 1800-3200 140 1:3 20-100 5-80 3-10 2.75X105


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