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Jigger Dyeing Machine >> GR680-1200 series constant temperature dyeing jigger


GR680-1200, one of dyeing equipment manufactured by our factory, is suitable for various synthetic, cotton and linen fabrics to be dyed with distributed, sulfur, v. at, direct, and reactive dyes, scoured, soaped and cleansed at a constant rate and under a constant [ension. Lt has the features of advanced design, reasonable structure, superior performance, safe and reliable operation. 

Diameter of main roller                        220~320mm

Max.diameter of cloth roll                     680~1000mm~1200mm

Max.wording fabric width                     1800~3600mm

Maximum working pressure                   2.75x105Pa

Maximum operating temperature           140℃

Cylinder capacity                                  4立方

Tank capacity                                       0.65m

Motor power                                        33~15KW 

Power supply voltage                            380V、50HZ

Gas supply pressure                              4.9x105Pa 

Adjustable fabric tension                       3-60Kg

Adjustable fabric rate                            0-130M/min


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