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Jinrunda Dyeing and Finishing Equipment ; normal temperature double frequency conversion giant ; dyeing jigger ; high temperature high pressure automatic dyeing jigger; RD series coating machine; Bronzing machine; normal temperature and pressure ; automatic large package series;
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Product advantages
This machine is mainly suitable for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of various flat width woven fabricsThis machine is mainly suitable for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of all kinds of wide woven fabrics, especially for dyeing of new synthetic fibers and superfine fibers with high added #118alue. At the same time, it can also be used for fabric scouring, bleaching,preshrinking, alkali deweighting and other processing
Technical data
1. Machine type: horizontal;
2. Ratio: 1:6 ~ 12
3Fabric capacity of each tube: 250kg at most (it will vary according to different processes and fabric varieties);
4. Maximum working pressure: 0.4MPa; Maximum operating temperature: 145
5. Fabric running speed: up to 600m/min
6Nozzle type: overflow spray, gap adjustable; Specifications 60 75 90
7Main materials: 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 321 or 316L
8. Control mode: manual or program control;
9. Suitable for dyeing fabrics: polyester, nylon, polyester cotton blend, superfine fiber, composite fiber, elastic yarn, new synthetic fiber and various long and short fiber interwoven fabrics with a weight of 50 ~ 800g/m;


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